Church Garden

The recent garden featured —

Several varieties of tomatoes, green beans, strawberries, blackberries, cucumbers, hot peppers, and sweet potatoes; also included are wildflower beds to attract bees and butterflies.

Why do we have garden plots on the church lawn?

1. To make good use of the space on our large front lawn.

2. To grow good food for local consumption–for the community and for our church members.

3. For the experience of working together to produce something good.

4. To care for the earth that God has given us, by using and teaching best practices, which conserve water and increase the integrity of the soil.

How is the produce from these garden plots used?

1. For our Summer Food Program, the weekly food assistance ministry for families in our neighborhood during the months of June and July.

2. Offered to those who use our food/toiletries pantry– fresh produce in summer and sweet potatoes in fall and winter.

3. Small amounts of tomatoes and berries taken to our own homebound folks.

4. For meals at our summer programs for children and youth.

5. Taken to agencies such as Community Care Fellowship in August and September.

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