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Gather. Scatter. Matter.

What we believe

Welcome to South End!

South End is a homeplace for spiritual seekers –
regardless of age, race, gender identity, orientation, background, economic status, or ability.
You belong here.

Our mission is to connect our neighbors to a spiritual home and to each other.
We do this by:
gathering in love
– scattering in service
mattering to the world and her people.

Welcome to South End!

Address: 5042 Edmondson Pike, Nashville, TN 37211

Sunday school: 9:15-10:15am (for children and adults)

Worship: 10:30am

Worship Style: Casual Traditional. A blended service celebrating tradition (following the liturgical calendar, singing hymns, etc.) with modern elements (like our string band and other vocal performances from our talented musicians).

Attire: Casual

Parking: Travel up the hill past the building with the cross, where you will find ample spaces in front of the sanctuary building (pictured below), as well as around the back and on the side of the Fellowship House.

Where do I Enter?
There are 2 buildings on our campus. The one with the A-Frame roof is the Sanctuary, housing worship and children’s Sunday school. The other is the Fellowship House, where our adults gather for class before worship.

For children’s Sunday school: Travel down the inclined sidewalk to the right of the sanctuary to the lower level (by the playground). Follow signs for the preschool.

For adult Sunday school: Enter in the side door of the Fellowship House. Follow signs for church offices and fellowship hall.

For worship: Enter the Sanctuary building through the main doors on the left. You will be given a bulletin as you enter, as well as a children’s worship bag for those with small children.

Nursery Care: Our Nursery Director, Ms. Lex, will be in the narthex at 10:15 ready to welcome you and get the children checked in! Once she has your info, you will begin worship together as a family. Early in the service there is a children’s message. After the children’s message, children ages 0 – 2nd Grade are welcome to travel with our Director downstairs to the nursery. You are welcome to accompany your child to the nursery, to ease the transition, or you may stay in worship!

Children are always welcome to worship with us. To help them, we have worship bags in the children’s prayground (to your left upon entering the sanctuary) designed to keep them engaged and learning in age-appropriate ways throughout the service. However, if a child needs to leave the sanctuary and return to the prayground, there are a variety of soft, quiet toys at their disposal so they may remain a part of the worshiping community!

Where Do I Sit? Before service, many of our members and regular attendees are moving around the sanctuary greeting each other. Choose seating in an area most comfortable for you!

Our Worship Service: At 10:30 the pastor makes announcements prior to the acolytes entering with the flame.

The choir leads in a prelude, after which the congregation recites together the call to worship printed in the bulletin and shown on the screens. Hymns and Psalter listed in the Bulletin are found, as noted, in either the UMH (United Methodist Hymnal) or TFWS (The Faith We Sing) found in pew racks. Most recitations are also on screens in the front.

Holy Communion: Holy Communion is served on the first Sunday of each month. Methodists practice what we call “an open table,” meaning all who are seeking the love of God through Jesus Christ are invited to partake. 

We look forward to seeing you!

Service Time

Sundays @ 10:30am


5042 Edmondson Pike, Nashville, TN 37211