I’m New!

Our location is 5042 Edmondson Pike, Nashville 37211

Attire is generally casual.

Parking: Travel up the hill past the building with the cross, where you will find ample spaces in front of the church building, as well as around the back and on the side of the Fellowship House. 

Where do I Enter? If you arrive between 9:15 and 10:15, you will find adult and children’s groups meeting in the Fellowship House to the right of the sanctuary.  For the worship service at 10:30, enter the Sanctuary through the doors on the left. (Restrooms are found through double doors on the right.) You will be given a bulletin as you enter, and you will find copies of The Upper Room magazine and other paperwork on the table inside. Pick up activity materials for small children on table to the left in the narthex.

Where Do I Sit? Before service time, many of our members and regular attendees are moving around the sanctuary greeting each other. Choose seating in an area most comfortable for you.

Visitors: You will be greeted by regular attendees prior to the service. Please join us for a potluck dinner for the family on Wednesday nights at 5:30. 

Our Worship Service: At 10:30 the pastor makes announcements prior to the acolytes entering with the flame.

The choir leads in a musical call to worship, after which the congregation recites together the call to worship printed in the bulletin and shown on the screens. Hymns and Psalter listed in the Bulletin are found, as noted, in either the UMH (United Methodist Hymnal) or TFWS (The Faith We Sing) found in pew racks. Most recitations are also on screens in the front. 

Holy Communion: Holy Communion is served on the first Sunday of each month. All who are seeking the love of God through Jesus Christ are invited to partake. People are invited to make donations (communion offering) to Our Good Neighbor Fund, used to assist those in our community with basic needs such as utility payments, gas, bus passes, and food.

We look forward to seeing you!